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(Italian Version) Take part in our activities, Nausica Opera International is a young and dynamic associative reality that deals with the organization and promotion of: operas, concerts, exhibitions, inter-culture, major events, activities aimed at promoting art and artists; designs and manufactures complementary services to members and to local cultural activities of operators, regional, national and international.

We’re looking for professionals who meet the following basic requirements:
1) – expert in fund raising for research funding in support of artistic / cultural activities, teaching, scholarship, sponsorship;
2) – a production assistant;
3) – assistant director.

Opportunities for external collaboration offering.

For the selection, they will be positively evaluated:
– Experience in the field;
– CV
– Specific training;
– Experience / knowledge of the music industry;
– Relations with the public administration;
– Good knowledge of computers and surfing the Internet;
– Knowledge of English and / or French, Spanish, German, JP.

The selection of candidates for the assignment, involves the following steps:
1) – Cognitive Interview;
2) – A possible second final individual interview;
3) – Communication of the selection outcome.

Interested parties may send a CV to the e-mail, indicating explicitly authorize the processing of personal data solely for the purpose of recruitment as required by applicable law.


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