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N% Nausica Opera MISSION Nausica OperaAUSICA OPERA through the experience gained and updating turned to the third sector, in the performance of his actions and associations in achieving the aims and objectives of the project, has established offices and representatives in charge of particular sectors, structural and functional to your business . Within this policy, and with the help of supporting members and collaborators (including in the public and private) each year Nausica Opera International care and follows the following activities:

 a) Associations and activities in accordance with the statutory rules and principles;

b) Meetings and intercultural exchanges between Italian and Japanese associations or other countries (eg Spain, France, Austria etc.).

c) concerts, operas, exhibitions, events and promotion of traditional social / cultural;

d) Activities for conservation and development of the territory, and the values of typical, local, regional and national;

e) International Hospitality aimed at the promotion of culture contact and the sharing of projects;

f) Co-production projects and realization of cultural activities at local, regional, national and international;

g) Management structures Convention that are necessary to the promotion and production of cultural events;

h) Creating continuous insights, information and promotion, through all media channels;

i) Achievements editorial projects (books, brochures, websites) specializing in the areas covered.

Presentation topics Nausica Opera International.

1 – Origins and name;
2 – Objectives statute;
3 – Reasons and intentions;
4 – Who and what we are;
5 – associative made;
6 – Projects in progress made, renewed and training;
7 – Partnerships and Sponsorships;
8 – Numbers;
9 – Produced.

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