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WHAT DOES NAUSICA – Nausica Opera International, promotes and implements projects and relationships with foundations, theaters, associations and institutions in which the mutual recognition and acceptance of the fundamental principles, can be the basis for the sharing of opportunities and partnerships, aimed at the concrete goal of artistic / cultural productions in a new artistic method, applicable and replicable, according to the logic of cost containment and maximizing values and project opportunities. Goal always turned to the promotion of excellence and dissemination of visual art, scenic and theatrical; not least to give space and visibility to young emerging artists.

Nausica Opera International, in the overview of the projects launched and planned activities, provides engineers and manufactures the following activities on their own or in cooperation / collaboration / co-production with other public or private entities such as opera and cultural foundations, artistic associations, ministries, municipalities and institutions.

– Audition and selection opera singers for roles in operas and concerts.
– Auditions for the master class young opera singers with selections and the final concert. (Italian and international Teachers)
– Hearings and selections Jazz groups for concerts.

– Master Class lyrical;
– Courses related to Italian performing arts;
– Advanced courses and training and management of opera theater performing arts.

– Realization international singing competitions;
– Realization international opera concerts;
– Production operas (whole and selection, including scenic and directing construction);
– Production opera and music festivals;
– Productions musical events in high cultural interest (auditorium / castles / historic houses);
– Realization great art exhibitions, national and international.

– Promotional photos / videos Realization exhibit / catalogs and artistic events;
– Construction management and maintenance of corporate websites;
– Realization paper catalogs exhibitions and events;
– Production video and music DVDs CDs, artistic / cultural (works / exhibitions / art sites);
– Production music opera / classical / jazz.

– Seasons management lyrics for affiliated theaters;
– Management Summer Music Festival;
– Management of art exhibitions for affiliated municipalities;
– Castles management for affiliated municipalities;
– Management to museums affiliated municipalities;
– Resource management and media streams used for cultural arts projects.

– Performances of art exhibitions and tour of Japan;
– Projects of Territorial / trade promotion in the cultural projects (UNESCO and the Chambers of Commerce EN / JP);
– Collaborations and partnerships for projects and co-productions with foreign private and state institutions, cultural and theatrical (France / Austria / Spain / Russia / China / Korea / Japan / Peru / Colombia / Argentina / Brazil / United States);
– Japanese Corsistica (language and culture).

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