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NAUSICA – Activities and artistic productions Nausica Opera

Nausica Opera International was established in January 2005.

Nausica Opera is democratic and apolitical, does not pursue, as its institutional purpose, no lucrative purposes and is nonpartisan. It seeks to promote, develop and popularize the art, traditions and territorial values, culture, music and the artists working all over the world, enhancing the work, the image and ingenuity in Italy and abroad.

All without discrimination as to nationality, space, time, trends and styles, favoring, as fully as possible, dissemination, production and distribution of their works through the dissemination, promotion and artistic image, with the creation of programs and services, also addressed to third parties, in the fields of culture, tourism, art and entertainment, meeting the aspirations of its members.

For the realization of the above the Musical Association Cultural Nausica Opera aims to qualify, the artistic improvement of the Members and the geographical place in which its activities.

In particular, pay attention to their specific skills areas: music, culture, entertainment, tourism, animation, communication, recovery and preservation of traditions and art in general.

Short presentation for a quick overview of the origins, motivations, goals, activities, projects and numbers Nausica Opera Association International.

1 – Origins and name;
2 – Objectives statute;
3 – Reasons and intentions;
4 – Who and what we are;
5 – associative made;
6 – Projects in progress made, renewed and training;
7 – Partnerships and Sponsorships;
8 – Numbers;
9 – Produced.

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